How I'm Skirting the Rules

I’m Showing Women Why Not Fitting In Can Be Your Biggest Strength

As a principle dancer in Spain and New York, Yuko Sumida Jackson could have let critical feedback from a teacher halt her career at 24. Instead, she auditioned for Michael Jackson and got the lead role. Now, she's coaching other women to listen to their body's inner wisdom.

Red rocks in desert

A Nature Retreat Helped Me Find My True Self

One memorable adventure in the wilderness changed Lynnda Pollio’s life, author of Trusting the Currents, and helped her learn more about herself. Here is how she let intuition guide her to where she was meant to be.


Here’s Some Permission to Dawdle and Drink Coffee

That inner knowing of yours won’t surface if you’re laser focused on your to-do list. Here is how making time to breathe, play, and pursue hobbies can hone your intuition and help you reach your goals more easily.