What is Skirting the Rules®?

Skirting the Rules is a new way of being that unlocks the power of your creative and intuitive self.

Through the inspirational stories of daring women who will be your muses—and the remarkable Skirting Compass tool that reveals your own unique blueprint—we help you become more aware so you can reinvent a better future. 

Skirting the Rules is about letting your heart guide and free you from the past so you can tap all that is possible now.

The 12 Muses

It all started with a spark of inspiration when co-founder Deborah Burns first stumbled upon these 12 maverick women during a fated trip to London’s National Portrait Gallery.

These novelists, playwrights, painters, musicians, abolitionists, and activists reinvented themselves and the times they lived in despite the wildly restrictive rules of 18th century Europe. 

As they became her muses, Deborah was inspired to look inward and re-examine her past relationships with the women who came before in her life. This inward journey led to many discoveries and a personal transformation that gave birth to the Skirting the Rules initiative.

The Skirting Compass

Like any GPS system, the Skirting Compass teaches you how to figure out where you are and where you want to go. It uncovers the areas where you are maximizing your energy and where you may be facing blocks. It’s about finding clarity and creating what you want more authentically, without trying to force anything.

You’ll understand how to best use your time and energy and tap into your creativity and intuitive intelligence so you can gracefully transition into a fulfilling third act.

The Four Points

Let us introduce you to the four points on the Skirting Compass.

MIND in the North represents your thinking, rational self. BODY in the South is where you experience emotions, sensations, and instinct—that gut feeling that points you in an unexpected direction. DO in the East represents the action energy that helps you get it done. BE in the West is all about your ability to let go and exist in the present moment, opening yourself up to inspiration.

The Quadrants

The areas where these points intersect make up the QUADRANTS that illustrate your unique talents. How you make use of the four abilities—optimizing to achieving to envisioning to creating—guides your life’s reinvention.

Let’s break it down in more detail

The Optimizers

A combo of Mind and Do, the optimizers are skilled at assessing what resources are at hand, getting organized, delegating and accomplishing the exciting prospects ahead.

“What’s your plan?”

Optimizer Muses

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The Envisioners

A combo of Mind and Be, the envisioners see the blueprint of the building or spot patterns today to anticipate the future and see what is possible.

“What’s your vision of the future?”

Envisioner Muses

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The Achievers

A combo of Do and Body, the achievers make things happen rain or shine. Send them out of the door and they come back in through the window.

“How will you get it done?”

Achiever Muses

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The Creators

A combo of Be and Body is where creators live. The zone of creative inspiration and disruption, it’s unfortunately been undervalued in our society because it is so untamable and often non-rational. But don’t be mistaken, this is the creative force behind any successful reinvention.

“What’s your big idea?”

Creator Muses

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Are You Ready to Skirt the Rules?

Take the quiz to find out where you fall on the compass. Start making decisions that better align with your mind, body, and heart to create the next phase of your life.