Eileen McMaster
Brand Advisor

Eileen McMaster is an entrepreneur and seasoned marketing, public relations and communications expert who has dedicated her career to building global brands by creating narratives and campaigns that inspire and inform consumers around the world swaying their purchasing decisions and behavior.  She has led successful marketing and press initiatives, which have increased brand retention, value, affinity and sales through strategic storytelling, corporate positioning and innovative partnerships.  She has spearheaded a wide array of specialized programs including advertising campaigns, social content, press tours, high profile events and reputation management.  She is the founder of Dance with your Soul, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping individuals and corporations find their authentic voice, inherent wisdom and purpose.  She was formerly the VP of Public Relations and Internal Communications at UNIQLO, VP of Corporate Communications for Anne Klein and founder of Nutrition Master.  Early in her career, she worked at Tommy Hilfiger, HBO, Vanity Fair and Glamour. Eileen is a true skirter, letting her heart and soul lead the way, intuitively knowing what moves people and championing them to let their brilliant, soulful voices be heard.