How I'm Skirting the Rules

My Unconventional Resume Includes Being the World’s First Chief Consciousness Officer

Typical jobs never appealed to Lynnda Pollio, author of Trusting the Currents, so she blazed a new path and created her own.

Lynnda Pollio, author and empathetic consultant

Lynnda Pollio uses empathy and instinct to fuel transformation for people and companies.

Lynnda Pollio has found success in life by listening to her instincts and carving out her own path. After holding a variety of jobs, including being a VP for corporate development at a big ad agency and the world’s first Chief Consciousness Officer for Fortune 500 companies to help brands help spark cultural and personal transformation, she currently works as an Empathic Consultant—a position that she created to help businesses and people navigate blocks and patterns that don’t serve them. She has also written an award-winning novel called Trusting the Currents, a spiritual story of self-discovery, faith, courage, and forgiveness that she never expected to write. Her life’s purpose, she says, is elevating human consciousness. Skirting the Rules caught up with Lynnda at one of our Art of Being Salons in Manhattan to find out why she believes we are all in the process of becoming something unexpected.

I am Skirting the Rules by living at the extremes of society, because that’s where creativity exists. I like being where new ideas are emerging. If I’m not at my home in the middle of Manhattan, then you’ll find me in some rural area in the middle of nowhere. When you’re in a big city, there’s so much diversity—you have every race, every religion, and every thought process, and you have all these different energies banging together and growth comes out of that. When you’re living out in the country, there’s a survival mechanism that kicks in. You have to count on the people around you to help you. There’s always something new, unexplored, and unknown.

A time when I found the possible (a creative solution) within the impossible (against incredible odds) is when I entered the advertising business with no experience or contacts. Recruiters told me that I wouldn’t even get an interview, let alone a job. Besides, the position that I wanted in new business development didn’t even exist. But I didn’t listen to the recruiters—I trusted my gut. I wrote a letter to 10 or 12 agency heads, spelling out all the reasons that they shouldn’t hire me (there were many) and said: If you meet with me, I’ll give you the reasons why you should hire me. I got six interviews and one of those agency heads hired me. I became Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for a large, leading ad agency.

An example of how listening to my intuition has helped me is by letting it guide me when it comes to the people I choose to surround myself with and work with. One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” We become the people we allow into our lives. So, when I meet someone and my intuition tells me they are negative, judgmental, selfish, unkind, or untruthful, I steer clear—no matter who they are or what they might be able to do for me. My intuition helps keep me in the company of caring, supportive, loving, resourceful, compassionate, and amazing people (mostly women), who believe in me and see me at my highest octave.

My secret talent is “reading” the energetic frequencies of people/projects/things and knowing the best way to move forward based on these vibrations. Everything is energy and its frequencies. And ever since birth, I have had an innate ability to feel these frequencies and how they resonate or don’t resonate. It’s sort of like seeing “the matrix” but its not visual, its vibratory. I feel what is right and wrong, and then I offer guidance and direction either toward or away from that energy. Many people don’t understand this gift and may be skeptical, but it is merely unknown and unfamiliar at this point. I analyze body language, the way someone looks at you, the tone of the person’s voice, the words that they choose, etc. I look for people who are open and touch you gently—people who tend to be negative won’t touch you. I look for people who smile and look you in the eye. You feel lighter around those types of people, because they elevate you.

A woman is most powerful when she is fully being who she is and not changing to be who others want her to be. Self-awareness is power.

 What I wish I had told myself when I was starting out is to believe in myself no matter what. And surround myself with people who believe in me as well. Never be defined by other’s limitations. Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes, and don’t get trapped behind mistakes you made years ago. I’ve made a ton of mistakes. You don’t get good at something without failing. I think how you view them is the thing that holds you back. The only true failures are the ones that we own and repeat. Every day, you release all that went before and are given a fresh opportunity to live the life that makes you happiest. Life seems endless…until its not. Never forget that. We all have an expiration date so enjoy the ride and create some crazy, adventurous memories along the way.

My favorite skirt is spending time alone in nature. The more time a woman spends alone, in nature, in her passions, fears, and failures, the more she begins to get a clear, whole sense of herself, and the more powerful she becomes. I encourage time away from phones, computers, and crowds. In the quiet places, you will find your power—then you can bring it into the world.