The “Art of Being” Salon Series No. 2

The second Art of Being salon brought together modern-day muses who are skirting the status quo.

The second “Art of Being” Salon stayed true to its mission of bringing together female change agents for an evening of storytelling and inspiration. Created by the French lingerie brand Chantelle and Skirting the Rules, this meeting of modern-day muses took place in Manhattan on June 28, 2016. “We hope that you come out of this with more clarity on how you want to be every day…so that you can do all that you do,” said Sonja Winther, President of Chantelle US.

Skirter Maria Dreyer of Sony Pictures.
Skirter Maria Dreyer of Sony Pictures.

The powerful event helped attendees better tune into their bodies and inner knowing through our innovative tool, The Skirting Compass. It also reminded salon goers that mastering the #artofbeing is critical for a creative and successful life, as opposed to operating in constant do mode. We’re cultivating a community of highly-connected women because we know that—though change starts from within—it truly takes a village to create new rules when the old ones are no longer working.

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