What We Believe

“No woman ever transformed without skirting the rules.”

Deborah Burns, author and founder of Skirting the Rules®

We believe you already have everything you need to now create the most meaningful chapter of your life.

We believe you can free yourself from the past by re-examining the relationships and “rules” that have shaped your life. We share the inspirational stories and a framework to understand yourself more deeply—and design your future more creatively. By balancing the energies inside of each of us, you will find a way around obstacles to manifest a meaningful third act on your own terms.

What We Do

Skirting the Rules® is the process of reinvention, the path that moves you from an old story to a new one.

We help you approach life reinvention more holistically and joyfully. We show you how to integrate the four main ways you navigate life and make decisions: body and mind, being and doing.

To guide you on this quest for dynamic living, you’ll be inspired through storytelling of powerful female disrupters and our framework for helping to understand how to create new forward paths.

We’ll share the ‘skirts’ of the 18th century muses who first inspired the creation of Skirting the Rules, as well as those of modern-day mavericks—known as Skirters—to help you skirt the rules toward your new life.

Our Skirting Compass, which has already helped thousands of people thrive in these uncertain times, will help you uncover your blueprint for success.

We will help you unlock an authentic life full of possibility.

The Language of Skirting

Skirting the Rules (n):  A new way of being that balances the energies within us all so you can tap your full creative potential to invent and reinvent your best life.

Skirt the Rules (v): The art of finding a way around challenges without undue effort, force, or over-thinking.

Intuitive Intelligence (n): The universal ability to look within and get in touch with feelings, hunches, and a wealth of information that you would not otherwise become aware of through the logical mind alone.

Skirt (v): There’s the traditional way versus the Skirting the Rules way—life hacks and fluid moves that let you sail around obstacles to accomplish your goals with less struggle—and with a whole lot more heart.

Who We Are

Author & Founder

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Contact Us

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