Headshot of iFundwomen.com founder Karen Cahn

How I'm Skirting the Rules

I’m Helping More Women Fund Their Own Dreams

Karen Cahn is disrupting how female entrepreneurs get funded with iFundWomen.com, a new crowdfunding platform that’s helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passion into profit.

She Takes on the World founder Natalie MacNeil sitting in a chair.

How I'm Skirting the Rules

I Want You to Conquer Your Year

Self-made entrepreneur and founder of She Takes on the World is showing women how to be their own boss, live on purpose, and make your biggest goals happen in 2017.

Financial journalist Bobbi Rebell

How I'm Skirting the Rules

I’ve Discovered the Surprising Key to Making Money

It's all about taking care of yourself—your body, mind, and soul—according to financial journalist Bobbi Rebell. Her mission is to help you discover the under-appreciated connection between wellness and creating the financial future you want.

Dr. Jessica Shepherd, founder of Her Viewpoint

How I'm Skirting the Rules

I’m Helping Women Create Balance in a Hectic World

Dr. Jessica Shepherd, the founder of Her Viewpoint, believes health goes beyond only the physical. Here is why also paying attention to your mental and spiritual health makes you more likely to pinpoint the root cause of your problems so you can live your best life.