Francis Cholle

An entrepreneur, business consultant, and public speaker, Francis Cholle founded The Human Company 15 years ago, a global, boutique management consulting firm that helps companies thrive in disruption and create value in the new economy.  The author of Intuitive Intelligence and The Intuitive Compass, Cholle’s work with CEOs and Fortune 500 companies, research, and academic experience combine as he shifts culture and empowers individuals to adopt a holistic approach to reach their highest potential. Dedicated to optimizing innovation, The Human Company expanded by creating a Client Services division with a special focus on gender diversity, gender intelligence and work/life balance for the 21st century. As a part of that vision, Cholle co-authored the to-be-published Skirting the Rules™ with his Client Services President and Skirting the Rules ™ Founder, Deborah Burns. Together, they have co-created the multi-platform Skirting the Rules™ experience that combines historical archetypes and the Skirting Compass™ method to transform lives and shift culture. Francis has never felt inspired to follow the rules unless they made deep personal sense to him—some call it rebellious, but he calls it living an authentic life.