Deborah Burns

Skirting the Rules™ Founder and Co-Author Deborah Burns is a women’s media Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Brand Officer, and Founder of DJB Ventures. Burns’ current role as The Human Company President, Client Services, focuses on gender intelligence and leverages her strategic global marketing, sales, brand development, product development, and leadership skills—as well as her passion for writing. Burns collaborated with The Human Company Founder Francis Cholle as Co-Author of the upcoming Skirting the Rules™ personal development nonfiction book that reconnects women and men to the intuitive intelligence necessary life in the 21st century requires. Together, they have co-created the multi-platform Skirting the Rules™ experience that combines historical archetypes and the Skirting Compass™ method to transform lives and shift culture. Deborah skirts the rules by following her intuition, going with the flow and believing there’s always a way to make anything happen.